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Stay Woke

Here’s my sermon from Missiongathering Christian Church in Charlotte on Sunday, July 31, “Stay Woke”: My minister colleague and friend, a great champion for social justice who will sadly be leaving the Queen City at the end of this year, […]

The Language of Participatory Church: Curation

In the discussion of participatory church, I find it really fascinating that there are really two conversations about radical shifts in culture going on right now that share some of the same language but apply them in different ways. One is the Internet/tech culture and the other is religious culture, specifically Christian culture (as I see it from my perspective).

Why Wild Goose Festival Was So Magical

I’m trying to put into words the experience of the first annual Wild Goose Festival that took place a week ago at Shakori Hills farm in North Carolina. And that’s the word that I keep coming back around to describe the first flight of the Wild Goose — magic.

The Best Video on the Internet

This video comes from the Personal Democracy Forum conference earlier this week in New York. The speaker is Jim Gilliam, founder of 3dna and an Internet pioneer/veteran. The subject is “The Internet Is My Religion,” and in this short, 12-minute TED-style talk, Jim shares his personal story and how he’s come to view the Internet as his religion.

Appreciative Inquiry and Storytelling

I just spent the past few days learning the appreciative inquiry model of coaching from Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle, founder and director of the Clergy Leadership Institute. One of the key insights for me was that storytelling is a key component of appreciative inquiry.

After Theology After Google

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Theology After Google conference last week at Claremont School of Theology. As one of the presenters, I was challenged to follow the TED Commandments and present something original and entertaining and funny […]

Theology After Google (And Apple?)

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking, via Skype, with the “Theology After Google” class at Claremont School of Theology. Tripp Fuller, who is co-leading the class with Phillip Clayton, recorded my abbreviated talk on “The Theology of Twitter,” […]

Theology and Social Media

I had the opportunity to speak on theology and social media recently at the Christian Education 2.0 conference at Pfeiffer Unversity, which gave me a chance to think about three distinct challenges facing churches as they engage social media (e.g., […]