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Stay Woke

Here’s my sermon from Missiongathering Christian Church in Charlotte on Sunday, July 31, “Stay Woke”: My minister colleague and friend, a great champion for social justice who will sadly be leaving the Queen City at the end of this year, […]

When Trump Loses

Media guru Clay Shirk created a “Twitter storm” last week in response to the Republican National Convention, in an attempt to rally white liberals to defeat Donald Trump. His refrain: “Trump can win.” While this is true, the fact also […]

What’s Next?

For the past two and a half years, I’ve had the privilege of working with an amazing team of people based in St. Louis and a growing family of authors who have inspired and challenged me (and so many others) […]

We Are The Branches

This summer I joined the launch team for the new Missiongathering Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with my dear friend planting pastor Rich McCullen. I’ve taken on the role of Pastor of Social Justice and […]

Best Stories = Best Leaders

The line that is still sticking with me: “Those who tell the best stories will become the best leaders.” (Jennifer Aaker) What do you think? Watch the video below and see why I’ll be showing this video in all my […]

RIP Edith Schaeffer

I’m reflecting on the impact of the Schaeffer family on my life, because Edith Schaeffer died today at the age of 99. I met her in 1996 and interviewed her for my underground magazine, Kamikaze.