When Trump Loses

July 29, 2016

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Media guru Clay Shirk created a “Twitter storm” last week in response to the Republican National Convention, in an attempt to rally white liberals to defeat Donald Trump. His refrain: “Trump can win.

While this is true, the fact also remains that Trump could lose. And, while I agree with Shirky that my liberal and progressive friends may be underestimating Trump’s chances, the bottom line for me is that Trump must lose. We must do everything that we need to do to stop Trump and avoid an “extinction-level event.”

So let’s assume we’ve done what we need to do come November and elected Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States, what then?

Lisa Sharon Harper, in a public post on Facebook, shared: “My friend, Dr. Leslie Bowling-Dyer posted a raw reflection on her wall yesterday. As fearful as the RNCinCLE was, she wondered allowed what the backlash could be if Trump doesn’t win. She wondered if the U.S. is approaching a dark night of the soul.”

I think this is a reality that many progressives — especially white progressives — are not giving serious thought and consideration to. I think it’s true that we are not giving enough thought to Trump potentially winning this election, which would be a catastrophe for immigrants, women, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, etc.

But what if Trump loses? And he could lose. I hope he does lose. But that doesn’t mean the genie is going back into the bottle. As Lisa shared in her Facebook post, “The political construct called ‘whiteness’ is dying. Whiteness is no longer doing what it was created to do on this land — secure social supremacy and political dominion by force of law and policy. … I think the RNC revealed the truth that historians and theologians alike have posited; that white supremacy never travels alone. It is always ALWAYS accompanied by its fellow triplet brothers; patriarchy and (in the U.S.) Christian supremacy.

“Barack Obama’s presidency, BLM, LGBTQI, the demographic shift powered in large part by immigration, and the possibility of Hillary Clinton ascending to the presidency all present mortal blows to the political functionality of ‘whiteness,’ patriarchy, and Christian supremacy.”

These principalities and powers will not be exorcised without a (bloody, violent) fight.

I have been told by a friend with close ties within the CIA that our domestic intelligence has revealed white supremacist terror cells within the U.S. are poised and ready to explode with violence if/when Hillary Clinton is elected president. Why? Because the past seven years of the Obama administration — with unprecedented progressive political gains such as the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality — have brought these extremists to the edge, and if they do not regain power and control with the election of Donald Trump, they will absolutely erupt in violence.

Ironically, it was an op-ed article by Glenn Beck that has helped me understand this better than anything else I’ve read so far. His article is entitled “The Most Terrifying Thing About Trump’s Speech Didn’t Come From Trump.” (I’m not going to link to it, because honestly I don’t want to increase his traffic — and, if you really want to find it, you probably know how to use Google.) In the article, Beck explains that “most Americans” have three fundamental problems right now:

  • “I don’t feel like I belong to anything anymore.”
  • “I don’t feel like anybody’s listening to me.”
  • “I don’t have any levers of control in my own life.”

This is the logic of whiteness, patriarchy, and Christian supremacy at work, folks. And, as Dr. King taught us, hate cannot drive hate, only love can do that. We must resist and dismantle whiteness, patriarchy, and Christian supremacy through non-violence and preaching the truth in love.

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Beck goes on to say that the scariest thing that happened at the Republican National Convention is not that Trump’s message was — in direct response to those three “problems” (or whiteness, patriarchy, and Christian supremacy) — “Yes, I will. I will fix everything for you. I will listen to you. I will restore your sense of power.”

Beck argues that the most terrifying thing was that the majority of the Republican Party has “put all of their hopes, all of their dreams, all of their fears, all of their needs into a vessel — a man — and said, ‘Yes, you’re going to fix my problems. You’re going to deliver us from fear. You’re going to bring back the jobs. You’re going to crush those who have been oppressing us. You’re listening to us, and they’re not. You will continue to listen to us.'”

We’ve seen this before. And no, this isn’t Godwin’s law. Just look at this. And this. And this.

Never again. Never Trump.

5 thoughts on “When Trump Loses

  1. The white people I know who are voting for Trump (mostly in my Episcopal church…go figure…) believe that racism doesn’t exist. They feel that our black citizens have all the freedom they need to succeed and if they don’t, it is their fault…which burns my hide. Black lives are not equal in America like they should be. Black Lives Matter!!! They also seem to feel that if a black person is killed (murdered) that it is somehow their fault; that they did something to provoke the officer to shoot them which is an outright lie. We must not let Trump win. That is why “I’M WITH HER!”

    1. These are probably the same individuals who send their own children to private schools and ignore the defunded public schools in their towns and cities. Our Episcopal parishes were full of them (teachers among them who worked at the exclusive private schools).

    2. I agree! Black lives are not equal! If something happens to blacks it’s certainly their own fault! Crap! They don’t have the same opportunities as whites, especially inner city blacks! Whites are afraid of blacks succeeding!

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