I'm Proud to Be a Member of the Church of TED

March 2, 2013

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In February, I had the honor of being part of the social media team for TEDxCharlotte 2013. The theme of this year’s local TEDx event was “Unlimited.”

SteveKnight-TEDxCharlotte2013-FBprofileI’m proud to have participated in all three TEDxCharlotte events thus far (I even applied to be a speaker two years ago), and I’m even more proud to be part of the local TEDxCharlotte community (as well as the broader TED community).

You can read the live blogs that I wrote the day-of TEDxCharlotte 2013. There are some amazing people and some amazing stories of social good that is happening right here in this city that I call home.

As a person of faith, I’m inspired by what people are doing to make the world — and especially our local community — a better place. To put it theologically, I’d say the kingdom of God is breaking through in some exciting, beautiful ways.

Some people say they don’t get TED, or that they don’t like TED — maybe because it’s too much like church? or even, a new Gospel?

Personally, the Gospel I care about (the Gospel Jesus spoke about) is not threatened by TED, in fact it’s enlivened by it!

If you’re not already connected with your local TEDx community, I encourage you to do so. You’ll find partners in the work of social innovation and social good, and you’ll leave inspired by the stories of what is already happening in your area. Rather than approaching it with an attitude of “how can I get these people involved with what I’m doing” (e.g., go to my church, support my non-profit, etc.), I hope you’ll approach it with a posture of invitation into being a part of what they are already doing.

I left TEDxCharlotte 2013 inspired to go on telling my story and expressing myself, hopeful that we can end homelessness, and challenged to eat locally grown and sustainable foods (among many other things)!

Watch for the videos of all the TEDxCharlotte 2013 talks on the YouTube channel soon …

Check out my favorite TEDxCharlotte talk from 2012!

Are you connected with your local TEDx community? What are some of your favorite TEDx stories/experiences?

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